Piracetam vs Modafinil


A Nootropic is a substance that is used to enhance cognitive functions, such as attention and memory. Commonly known as “smart drugs,” nootropics are usually described as non-toxic, non-addictive substances that generally cause minimal side effects. In order to achieve the same results, individuals sometimes use prescription medications, which are designed to treat sleep and…

What are Nootropics?


You’ve probably seen nootropics sold online, sometimes as “smart drugs,” and wondered what they are and how they work. Here’s a brief guide: Smart Drugs A nootropic is a drug that improves mental functioning. Nootropics improve your memory and make you more focused. They have a protective effect, meaning they prevent memory loss and other…

Is Piracetam Legal in Australia?

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Yes, Piracetam is legal in Australia, under the brand name Nootropil and is approved for treating epilepsy in combination with other medications. It is currently a Schedule 4 Prescription Only Medicine as regulated by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). This means it is legal to own and consume in Australia, but a script from a doctor is required. Many…

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