Is Piracetam Legal in Australia?

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Yes, Piracetam is legal in Australia, under the brand name Nootropil and is approved for treating epilepsy in combination with other medications.

It is currently a Schedule 4 Prescription Only Medicine as regulated by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). This means it is legal to own and consume in Australia, but a script from a doctor is required. Many top experts including renowned neuroscientists, and pharmacologists, agree that this is extremely restrictive and short sighted by the governing body. Piracetam’s huge body of evidence showing positive effects in many different areas, combined with a high level of safety, stands in stark contrast to many legally available agents such as alcohol, & cigarettes, that have numerous well documented ill effects.

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Importing Piracetam

First and foremost this website is purely informational and provides guidance only, and does not constitute formal regulatory or legal advice, nor should it be considered such. In addition these rules are subject to change. For this reason we recommend for an official opinion you contact your doctor and/or the TGA and DoHA.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

The Australian TGA has a personal importation scheme outlined here:

The scheme include various rules as detailed in the link above, including importations must be limited to a 3 month supply, and you may not sell the items, but relevant to importing Piracetam are two conditions:

•“if the goods are medicines in Schedule 4 or 8 of the Poisons Standard a prescription from an Australian-registered medical practitioner is held for the medicines.”

Piracetam is a Schedule 4 medicine.

The Department of Health Australia (DoHA)

The second condition is that it is not a controlled substance which is regulated by the DoHA:

•“the goods are not restricted under Australian Customs controls or quarantine rules and the goods do not contain a controlled substance

This condition above links to the DoHA website page “List of drug substances requiring import and or export authorisations” here:

This page has a long list of substances that are ‘Prohibited Imports and Exports’ and Piracetam is not listed on this page.

So based on this Piracetam falls under the personal importation scheme, as it is not listed on the banned list, and it is Schedule 4 medicine, therefor importation is legal for Australians.


    • By Tom on

      People have different reactions to it but brain fog is common when trying to find a good dose or a few other reasons like lack of choline, head to longecity forums for all the info nootropics.

    • By Confused Patient on

      My Experienced NSW doctor can’t find Piracetam listed in his MIMS book.
      Neither can the experienced NSW Chemist & fresh out of Uni Chemist i frequent

      • By admin on

        Did you check under Nootropil? It also goes by other trade names including Breinox, Dinagen, Lucetam, Nootropyl, Oikamid, and many others.

  1. By Dan on

    So let me get this straight, it’s legal but need prescription to obtain it? So how do you suggest I should go about getting it? I’m fr Perth Aust..

    • By admin on

      We have been informed by multiple visitors to our website that Moda Pharma is the best source right now for sourcing Piracetam to Australia! Their website reports no issues shipping to Australia also, check them out here: Moda Pharma

  2. By Newron on

    I ordered Piracetam and noopept from peaknootropics and I got my order I live in brisbane

    • By John on

      Hi Newron,
      I have also just ordered from Peaknootropics how long did your order take to come through?
      And ahs anyone ordered from Absorb health?

  3. By Robyn Taylor on

    hey. Just thought you might like to know that Piracetum is a schedule 4 ingredient which means that supply without prescription is illegal. Also if you check the Therapuetic Goods Act, I’m pretty sure that its also illegal to advertise schedule 4 medicines.


    • By admin on

      Hi Robyn, thanks for your comment! As we specify on this website we recommend consulting your doctor about Piracetam most definitely. In addition; this in an informational website only and should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment recommendations! We are not selling Piracetam and so are under the belief this website does not constitute advertising, we just offer information on where it can be legally obtained online. We were quite careful in our wording when writing the review of the literature on Piracetam. We will certainly investigate this advertising issue further; based on the above do you believe we are “advertising” Piracetam? That is certainly not our intention. Thanks

  4. By Atilla on

    Hi guys.
    I’m 47 We used to live in Europe. In Europe is not scheduled.I used to take Nootropil 1200 mg tablets 2-3 a day usually to maintain a good memory. In university when I had to study hard for exams I used to increase it to 5-7 tbs /day with no side effects. It has a very good effect on memory. You just remember stuff, can keep you alert and focused for longer.This only happens if you eat well and drink plenty of water. This drug won’t replace good food and water. After the exams you go back to 2-3 a day.

  5. By Ella on

    Just wondering if anyone know whether piracetam has long term cognitive benefits after discontinuing use? Or do you have to keep taking it for ever to have the positive benefits.

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